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Sex prisoner

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Original painting on canvas by painter ALBI

Painted with acrylic paints on canvas. Size is 40 x 30 cm.

About the author:

Albi paints, draws and boozes long drinks in Ostrava. When he lived in Gibraltar, he was fascinated by the paintings of the street artist Vasquez - his painted subjects had a clear shape, yet they remained unfinished inside, only their color and contrast stood out. Unfortunately, as a street harmonica player, he could not acquire any of his paintings. When he later earned the money, Vasqueze did not appear on any of the European streets. So, after his return to Ostrava, Albi began to create his own paintings of abstract LSD realism.

Beyond the horizon of this painting:

She enjoyed her freedom - she smoked ganja, drank mojito and slept with everyone she liked at the club. Sometimes she added cocaine and ecstasy. Her friends fell in love and formed families. She just smoked, drank and fucked. When her best friend got married and stopped responding to her messages on Viber, she admitted that her "freedom" was her prison.

Sex prisoner - Features
Type of paintingAcrylic
Sizes40 x 30 cm
Certificate of authenticityYes
Sex prisoner - Gallery 4