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Au mére tranquille

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Original painting on canvas by painter Radek Šel

Painted with acrylic paints on canvas. Size is 70 x 95 cm.

About the author:

Radek Šel is painter who influenced the underground events of Ostrava city at the beginning of this century. At that time, he lived in a studio on Stodolní Street and attended mainly the clubs Černý Pavouk, Bastila and Desperado, where he found his artistic inspiration when meeting other artists, alcoholics and women. Tschurakowski mentions him in the short story Love is a girl in a dress with flowers. Nowadays he lives and creates in Ostrava's Montmartre - in Přívoz, far from "L'Écume des jours."

Beyond the horizon of this painting:

A woman from Marseille came to Ostrava in 2008 . Noble in walking and posture, confident in opinions, enthusiastic in fulfilling her wishes. Radek worked as a cuisinier in the French restaurant Au père tranquille. Florance fell in love with his pancakes at first, and when they met with a glass of pastis one evening, her love spread to him. They spent several hot July days together, which the painter preserved in this painting.


Au mére tranquille - Features
Type of paintingAcrylic colours
Sizes70 x 95 cm
Certificate of authenticityYes
Au mére tranquille - Gallery 4