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Burning love

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Original painting on canvas by painter AA

Painted with oil paints on canvas. Size is 40 x 30 cm; signed on the front right bottom.

About the author:

AA has a studio in a timbered cottage in the Beskydy Mountains, where he relaxes over oil paintings with elements of psychedelic naivism and primitive surrealism.

Beyond the horizon of this painting:

Love is chemically linked to serotonin. The dependence on serotonin is huge. It is said that many people in love resemble heroin users. Serotonin and heroin burn the mind. It is better to eat bananas grown in your own greenhouse; but who can afford a greenhouse in the city?

Burning love - Features
Type of paintingOil painting
Sizes40 x 30 cm
Certificate of authenticityYes
Burning love - Gallery 4