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Hodler of 13 bitcoins

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Original painting on canvas by painter AA

Painted with oil paints on canvas. Size is 70 x 50 cm; signed on the front right bottom.

About the author:

AA has a studio in a timbered cottage in the Beskydy Mountains, where he relaxes over oil paintings with elements of psychedelic naivism and primitive surrealism.

Beyond the horizon of this painting:

It was 2014 and bitcoin had already come a long way in its digital journey in blockchain. Most economists and journalists competed in "well-founded" articles to explain the nonsense and chimerism of cryptocurrencies against fiat currencies, especially the dollar. Then, when Fiat became coloring book for retail in the spring of 2020 , HODL of Bitcoin was the obvious choice. AA painted one of those who believed in bitcoin from the beginning as the current rich man.


Hodler of 13 bitcoins - Features
Type of paintingOil painting
Sizes70 x 50 cm
Certificate of authenticityYes
Hodler of 13 bitcoins - Gallery 4